MOB Stars

Introducing MOB’s Co-Founders.


Adrianne Moody, CEO of MOB

Adrianne Moody is a native El Pasoan. She graduated from Montwood High School in 2001. She was raised by her mother Michele Riley and older brother Justin Riley who both taught her to love her community and be passionate in everything she did.

Shortly after graduating from UTEP she lost her mother to breast cancer. As she grieved, she took refuge in her love of photography and giving back to the community. She was awarded Susan G. Komen Activist of the Year in 2012. Around the same time she started Adrianne Riley Photography, a business she has operated for the past eight years.

Adrianne is the proud wife to Joe Moody and mother of two young boys, William and Preston. Becoming a mother caused her passion towards her community to grow even greater and she began to focus on improving El Paso for all families. She co-founded Moms on Board we have focused their efforts on working with local leadership to bring more family friendly amenities to the Sun City. Their primary focus is to keep families in El Paso and make our community more attractive so families can move here.

After working successfully with City Council MOB turned its efforts to a potential partnership with the County in an effort to bring an All Inclusive Park to Ascarate Park. County leaders recently approved the project, and now MOB is busy fundraising to make this dream a reality. The ultimate goal is to make Ascarate Park a destination park for the El Paso region. The plan includes a Dino Dig, a Sensory garden, a Maze, and Sensory Tunnels and much more. MOB is also planning on heading to the state legislature next year to advocate for the families of El Paso.

As Adrianne always says “It takes a MOB to make change ... so be the change you wish to see in the world”. She wants to thank everyone that has helped bring MOB to where it is today! 


Leyla Zeidan Safa, CFO of MOB

Leyla is a native El Pasoan who loves her Sun City. She is a stay at home mom who devotes her time to various non-profits. Living and traveling with her family has shown her the potential El Paso has in becoming even more family friendly.  She and her husband have 3 children and are always looking for ways to keep them entertained and show them the El Paso Community.

Leyla is excited to work with the city leadership to ensure that our community grows. It is exciting to be a part of our cities growth and the All Inclusive Park project is just one way MOB is moving our community forward.